A few days later I received a response that they recreated the issue, but had no ETA for a fix. A few days after that they notified me that a fix was deployed, and requested that I give it a shot. That method would have the following drawbacks: I would have to generate a new link every month. . 735. ( reddit. Current supporters will have to be notified/reminded every time the link is changed. I would like to share files on a Google Drive with Patreon supporters, and my current plan is to share a link that expires after a month. nsfw I have a goigle drive link link that i was using but was suddebky updated and now it only has miriko, kai etc. But after I upload it to Patreon and click on the video the screen goes white with my link written on the screen. Sharing Google Drive Files. Google drive link doesn't work!! My google drive link works fine when I click share and add it to my browser. com) submitted 2 months ago by LaurenAlexisOnlyfans 2 2 2 2. 734. I'm posting everything I have on Lauren Alexis once @filmfathers on Instagram gets to 300 followers. In Google Drive, right click on the video you want, go to Get Link, click on the Restricted tab and select Anyone With The Link (I think that's what I was doing wrong), copy link In Patreon, go to Post, New, Link and paste the link in there, give it a title and publish, that's it Okay does anyone not mind sharing with me a google drive with mha audios including hawks, dabi, todoroki, bakugou and kirishima. I fired off a note to Patreon support, expecting no real response. A bug was experienced when trying to adjust the creators I support. You have to paste the link in the post. You can’t put a drive link in a video post. 736. hide. share. save. I'll post a link in the comments, follow and like the post and I'll upload everything I have